Dermatique Recuperating Cream*

I go through stages with my skin. Sometimes I have no problems at all, no spots, no blemishes, nothing. Then all a sudden…I am hit with dry skin underneath my eyes and on my hands and wrists. After visiting doctor after doctor, I have managed to find a concoction of creams to keep my dry hands at bay…but so far nothing has been able to get rid of the patches that appear on my face. When it gets really bad, I get very self-conscious, especially when my foundation doesn’t sit right and looks cakey.

When I heard about Dermatique, I was willing to give anything a go. Admittedly, I was pretty sceptical about whether it was going to make a difference more than any other cream that I had tried.

Dermatique Recuperating Cream (£29.00) comes in a gorgeous white and gold pot that look luxurious and high end. The cream is very thick, almost Sudocrem consistency, but this makes sure it penetrates deep into the skin and keeps it moisturised. I was so impressed with the results, even after the first application. My skin felt softer and my foundation didn’t seem to crack like it usually did. I have now been using the cream for just over two weeks and my skin problems seem to have disappeared completely. I am so so pleased that I have found a product that I can use regularly and that keeps my skin hydrated!

Have you tried Dermatique? What are your dry skin remedies?